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Yukon Solitaire

Rules of Yukon Solitaire

Level: Easy
Goal: Move all cards to the Foundation
Cards: 1 deck of 52 playing cards
Foundation: Build up by suit from Ace (low in Yukon solitaire) to King
Piles: Build down by alternating color starting with King and ending with 2. In Yukon solitaire empty piles can be filled with: a King or a pile starting with a King
Moving: Piles of face up cards can be moved. The starting and target cards must be built in sequence and in alternate color.
Stock: No Stock

Game Info

Yukon solitaire is similar to Klondike solitaire but there is no stock and groups of cards can be moved under certain conditions. Yukon Solitaire requires the ability to plan elaborate sequences of long moves. It is quite unusual compared to other solitaire games, because it lets you move stacks of cards when they aren’t in sequence. All cards are dealt at the beginning, but some of them are face down. With the right strategy a good player can solve about 80% of the possible deals.