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Eight Off Solitaire

Rules of Eight Off Solitaire

Level: Medium
Goal: Move all cards to the Foundation
Cards: 1 deck of 52 playing cards
Foundation: Build up by suit from Ace (low in this game) to King
Piles: Build down by suit starting with King and ending with Ace. Empty piles can be filled with: a King or a pile starting with a King.
Moving: Partial or complete piles can be moved if they are built down by suit and number of cards is not greater than number of free cells plus one
Stock: No stock
Waste: No Waste
Cell: You can put there only one card. Later you can move it at any time. Initially last four cards are dealt on them.

Game Info

This is another game of the Freecell type and the oldest known ancestor of Freecell. Eight Off is similar to Baker's Game, named after the mathematician C.L. Baker.